Peter Waugh

Naturopath and Natural health consultant

Peter Waugh, Natural Health consultant, Wellington New Zealand

I believe that body, mind, and spirit are all involved in achieving health.

I develop and monitor programmes for clients ranging from the purely physical to the psycho spiritual depending on their symptoms and preferences.

Managing food intolerances, nutritional deficiencies, stress, and emotional issues can all have a role in healing and finding a place of peace and contentment in life. My aim is to provide a supportive environment for clients to explore issues on any of these levels as they arise.

I have a range of tools in my toolkit to help clients resolve health issues.

I am available for in person or online sessions.
Monday - Friday 14 Laura Ave, Brooklyn, Wellington.

Call or text 021339774 or email to book with Peter. See Contact page for directions

Physical healing

Nutritional requirements are different for each person. I will recommend an individual nutritional programme, including any dietary supplements. I will identify any specific issues such as food intolerances, allergies, and deficiencies.

I can suggest stress management and relaxation techniques and may recommend or refer you to other specialists for exercise and stretch programmes or other body work. I monitor work with other therapists as required.

Psycho-emotional healing

Often, we need to unpack some of our “baggage” to arrive at a place of peace and contentment in life. As well as providing an open-hearted listening ear, I use counselling and psycho-therapeutic techniques. I am skilled in identifying the subtle issues that can affect health on all levels.

I use body mindfulness techniques and drawing modalities and teach self-exploration techniques.

I may also refer clients to other practitioners.

I am a certified practitioner in both Hakomi Integrative Psychotherapy ®, and IDT, Interactive drawing therapy ®.

Crystal bed

A crystal bed uses coloured light pulsed through crystals to balance endocrine organs / chakras and allow non-form healing energies to be directed to the recipient.

Clients lie fully clothed on a bed which is under a set of crystals aligned with their chakras. Many people experience deep relaxation and can receive insights during a crystal bed session.

Casa de Dom Inacio tours to Brazil

I escort individuals and groups from New Zealand and Australia to the healing centre in central Brazil, the Casa de Dom Inacio. Participants may also come from any part of the world and meet us en route.

Tours are currently on hold but may resume in 2023.

Contact or visit for more information.

About me

I have been practicing in the natural health area in Wellington for over 40 years. In that time, I have often worked with innovative healing techniques, many of which are ancient practices with a new twist.

I believe that all illnesses have physical, psycho-emotional, and psycho-spiritual components, and should be treated with that in mind.

Price schedule


One hour (50 mins) $170

Half hour (25 mins) $90

One and half hours $255

Two hours $340


One hour (50 mins) $135

Half hour (25 mins) $90

One and half hours $200

Two hours $270

Under special circumstances further discounts are available